We use the Video Analysis in a few ways:

Inspiration For Your Own Video Program

If tour company is producing videos, seeing which videos are ranking well in Google’s Video search can help you understand what types of videos users might be looking for. On a Keyword Brief with Video as a primary or secondary Search Intent, this is especially important. 

Embed Videos In Your Own Content

Many companies don’t have the resources to produce their own video, but can improve their website content by embedding other people’s video content instead.

Quickly Learn A New Topic

When a writer is covering a topic where they need to do additional research, or a strategist is trying to quickly understand a new industry concept, having top videos ready to view is a great way to quickly research without opening up 20 tabs in your browser. Also, we pull results from Google’s Video search results, which typically yields a more diverse set of videos than a YouTube search for the same keyword.

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