Similar to a project management software like Basecamp, everything in Content Harmony lives in Projects.

Projects for Agencies & Consultants

If you're an Agency or Consultant, we recommend you set up a Project for each client, eg "Coca Cola", "Tesla", "IBM".

Projects for In-House Marketers

If you're an In-House Marketing Team, Projects can be used to however you like, but we usually recommend the following approaches:

1 - Use Projects to differentiate content types
For example, Blog vs. Resources vs Landing Pages vs Product Pages.

2 - Use Projects to differentiate geographically.
For example, vs This will be more valuable when we expand Geographic options in the future.

Project Settings

When you set up Projects, you'll have a chance to specify certain settings for that Project. The main project setting at this point includes attaching a specific domain to the project.

Project Domain
We use your domain to recommend internal linking opportunities. We recommend using your primary domain (, but you can also specify more specific URLs if you don't want to see certain types of results.

For example, might help you exclude content on, and will make sure you only see internal link recommendations from the blog subfolder of your website.

If you include "http://" or "https://", we'll remove those for you. You can always click on Project Settings in the upper right hand corner of your Project dashboard to change the Project Domain setting.

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