When you activate a subscription, you can choose between subscription level and monthly or annual billing. On your renewal date we'll issue you new credits that have an expiration date that changes depending on your billing cycle.

How does monthly billing work?

When you select monthly billing, we will bill you every month on the same day, and issue you new credits.

Those credits expire in 90 days, so there is a slight "rollover" effect. We do this to make it easier to managewhich means you can pay for 3 months of service and still have all of your credits available until the end of month 3 when the first credits start to expire.

How does annual billing work?

When you select annual billing, we bill you once per year on the same renewal date, and we issue you *all* of your credits for the year. So if you're on our plan with 12 monthly credits and select annual billing, you'll get all 144 credits right up front. This is great for teams that have variable credit needs from month to month. Even though you get all of your credits upfront, we recommend you don't run all of your reports at once. It's better to run them as you need them so that you get the freshest data possible.

Which credits get used up first when I run reports?

We always use the oldest expiring credits available first. If you have evergreen credits without an expiration date (such as the free credits you get when you activate your account), those are the last credits we would use for your reports, meaning you'll only dip into that balance when you run out of expiring credits.

Can I buy a one-off "pack" of brief credits?

Maybe. We don't offer a self serve version of this yet, however let us know what you're trying to do and we can give you a few options.

If you just need to jump up in credit balance for a single month, and you're on monthly billing, one option is to simply upgrade for that month, and downgrade before the month is over, and you'll have 90 days to use the extra credits from that month of service.

If you're on an annual plan and run out of credits, we can help you reset your renewal date to simply refresh your credits before your annual renewal date.

If neither of those solutions fixes your situation, ping us in the live chat and we can get you set up somehow.

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